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Mobile phone downgrade

I made the move away from portable browsers the other day. I needed to buy a new phone… I was thinking about the IPhone 4, which is obviously awesome, and I was also quite taken by the Galaxy note, which looks like it offers a bit more… but they both posed one huge problem for me.

When I have a smart phone in my hand, my brain completely switches off. It’s like there is a bypass built in between my sensory processor and my frontal lobe that kicks in the moment I am devoid of outside stimulation and forces me to grab my smart phone and start filling the space with emails, facebook, RSS feeds or online chess games…

I bought a $19 Samsung. Functions include: Phone calls, SMS, alarm clock…. there might be more, but the user interface is so archaic that it’s taken me 4 weeks to learn to reply to an SMS.

I’ve started drawing again…

Nerding out!

My wife and kids are away, I have the house to myself, no one to see when I come home. So what am I doing?

I’m nerding out….

I joined four square tonight while I sat in a restaurant eating dinner, a short break from work. I found an i-phone app that will keep track of my Google account RSS feeds, and I discovered an automated blogging system that I am going to install into one of my experimental blogs just to see what happens.

I’m supposed to be an expert in this shit, so I may as well embrace it. Website design is no longer “cool”. We’re all geeks,… let’s face it. Nerd is the new Cool. It’s either that or move to Nepal and dig wells for poor people, which funnily enough is starting to become quite a popular choice amongst the people I know.