So we live in a society where we are governed by laws that are set by people (the government) that we have elected. A.K.A., Democracy.

The people we elect (politicians) make various promises about how they will run our country, and we vote for them based on those promises.

The problem is, that when these people come into power, there is nothing to hold them accountable to their promises, and these promises are all too often broken.

What’s more disturbing is that when they break these promises, they not only act against the interests of the people that voted for them, but it seems very clear that they are acting on behalf of other private organisations.

A very good example is the renewable energy target. The Abbott/Turnbull government has broken many promises about acting against climate change, and then gone out of it’s way to destroy the renewable energy sector.


At the same time they are giving billions of dollars of tax payers money to the coal industry…



So what can we do about it? We pay tax like good little worker ants, but the people we elect lie to us, and give our money away to their rich friends…

This is where organisations like the Sovereign Citizens gain followers. It’s very simple; If the government does not respect the people, then the people will stop respecting the government.

I’ll say that again, in bold italic with an exclamation mark:

If the government does not respect the people, then the people will stop respecting the government!

The following article from the ABC is a bit scary. It shows a photo of armed anti terror police and talks about a rising danger from Australian citizens who no longer respect our government.

The article talks about eliminating this group before it gains momentum…

From a governmental perspective, surely the most efficient, most logical and morally correct solution to the dangers of a group like the Sovereign Citizens is to make them obsolete and uninteresting. I.e. for the government to stop lying to us, and stop giving our tax dollars to their rich friends…

The government has a choice here. They can fight this threat with guns, while continuing to give our tax dollars away to their rich friends, or they can remove this threat peacefully by showing Australia that they are acting in the interests of the people.

Don’t get me wrong. I am in no way supporting the Sovereign Citizens. I have a bad feeling they might turn into problem, but I can see why they are gaining followers. The entire world is waking up to the situation. 1 percent of our population controls 50% of the wealth. Our governments are protecting this in-balance, rather than trying to redistribute the wealth. And they are lying through their teeth while they do it.

People are sick of being lied to.

Our only chance to steady this boat is for our governments to step up to the plate, and start doing their jobs. Start acting in the interests of common people.

I certainly hope they do.