One of the most frustrating things about the Australian political scene is the lack of debate. There is plenty of mudslinging, topic changing and distraction tactics to avoid difficult questions, but very little debate.

I’ve just had an “interesting”, (interesting in that it really highlighted to me the lack of independant thought in a lot of the political opinions that are being thrown around) conversation on facebook.

The upshot of this exchange has gotten me a little fired up, so here I am, back at Fastlies to vent some frustration, and hopefully stimulate some constructive “debate”.

Let me first be very clear about what I am talking about:

Debate: “a discussion, as of a public question in an assembly, involving opposing viewpoints”

The key word here is “discussion”.

Discussion: “consideration or examination by argument, comment, etc., especially to explore solutions”

If you read that again slowly and take the time to think about what it means, hopefully you will realise that to engage in a discussion, political or otherwise, you need to consider or examine the view point of your opponent.

You don’t win an argument or a debate by banging on with your own view point until your opponent gives up and walks away.

So keep that in mind when you read my viciously opinionated blog posts, and remember that my opinions can be changed by a compelling arguement.

So here we go, stay tuned… 😉