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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Lies, lies, lies….

This whole election campaign has been a bit of an emotional roller coaster. I’m honestly gutted by the failure of Kevin Rudd’s government on the climate change front, I’m terrified by the prospect of Australia being led by a moron like Tony Abott, and I have been in a head spin trying to unravel layer upon layer of bullshit that is constantly being painted over the top of so many REALLY important issues by self interested political spin doctors.

But my biggest question is this.

“Would a political party with sound policies and a sure fire strategy to take Australia forward to a better place win the election with straight talking honesty? Or has our political system failed us?”

… OK, so that’s two questions… but you get my point.

Australian Sex Party

Here’s an interesting addition to the Australian political landscape.

Australian Sex Party. We're Serious About Sex

These guys came to my attention because Australian comedian Austen Tayshus is running against Tony Abott in my electorate. So I did a little research and I have to admit, this parties policies make a lot of sense. I can’t say I’m interested in all of it, but there are some extremely important issues on their radar such as child pornography and the abuse of children in churches.

But most importantly is their comittment to “Take the religion out of politics!”

Check them out. You won’t agree with all of it, but you’ll sure as hell agree with some of it. (Unless you’re a psychopath… )

A good little video with their leader is worth watching here.