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Monthly Archives: April 2010

I found my pen

Yesterday I believe that I reached saturation point in my pen reservoir.

This was achieved by buying enough pens to ensure that the rate at which I find lost pens (in bags, under couches etc, etc…) equals the rate at which I misplace them.

I believe that this requires a minimum of 23 pens in circulation at any given time between my home, office and car. Although it would be impossible to ever verify this number…

Shampoos and conditioners

Why is it that if we want a dog with a shiny coat, we feed it healthy dog food. The rules seem to be good food, lots of protein and omega 3, lots of exercise and don’t wash it too much.

And yet with human hair, we all think that it’s a matter of buying expensive  shampoos and conditioners and rubbing it into our hair.

Thinking about it logically,.. why would we ever think that the best way to get nutrients into your hair, would be to rub it in from the outside, when we could get it in from the inside out?

Surely a healthy strand of hair grows from the roots, and I am willing to bet that the material used to build a strand of hair comes from food that we eat.

I am pretty sure that your average naturapath is all over this, but it’s another classic example of corporations conning us into buying a useless, possibly even damaging product.

I have a good friend who has reversed his balding by stopping washing his hair completely.

Obviously I have no hard evidence to back any of this up but you have to admit, it’s worth thinking about.

What am I worth?

My wife recently suggested to me that perhaps the reason that I am not fabulously wealthy yet is because I don’t think I deserve to be.

She tells me that my subconscious mind might prevent me fom making my fortune by holding on to ancient hidden beliefs buried deep inside my childhood. Messages that were planted by my parents that make me feel uncomfortable about money, that create doubt about whether I should use every opportunity to take money from another. She says that wealthy people are rich because they feel that they deserve to be rich.

I think there is something in it.

Personally I do tend to err on the side of “less is more” when I’m taking money from others. Whether it’s splitting a bill at a restaurant, or invoicing a client for a project, I don’t take more money than I think is fair. I certainly don’t take as much as I can get away with, which is clearly how other business operators that I know behave.

And yes this behavior is very likely due to echos of my parents. They would describe our average suburban lifestyle as luxurious and extravagant. A privileged life enjoyed by less than 10% of the worlds population.

And it was true.

So if I ask myself why I am still “stuck” in this ordinary life, on an ordinary income, I can believe it might be because my subconscious thinks that we have already arrived. We are inside the worlds top 10% and that’s pretty good. My other “problem” is likely to be the fact that I am generally pretty happy. If I had a lot more money, I honestly can’t think of what I would buy to make myself happier. If anything it would probably start to spoil some of my fun.

I am a strong believer in the power of the subconscious mind. I think that if you truly desire something, and truly believe that you can attain it, then it’s more than likely that you will. But I also think that trying to fool the subconscious into desiring something that it is not programmed for is a recipe for disaster.

If it’s happiness that you are after, then you should be asking your subconscious mind what would make it happy, not trying to tell it what would make you happy. And I’ll guarantee that if you find the answer, it won’t be money.