Today I was shoveling snow from the stairs of my Father in law’s front garden. There are about 72 steps, so it gave me some time to think. Funnily enough I thought about snow. Being from Australia, I have never experience snow in a “day to day” sort of way. I have been skiing, but that’s like going to a fun park where things are supposed to be different.

Snow must be one of the most beautiful things in nature. So silent and soft and white… and snowy. I think it must have some sort of dampering effect on sound waves, because everything is so quiet when it snows which ads to the sense of peace and wonder. This is probably also why I was thinking so much…

So once I got over thinking about the snow and my back started to hurt from the stairs, I got back to thinking about work, which is what I think about most of the time, and the topic for this week is marketing.

Now, one of the most important jobs on my plate at the moment is writing. New content for our new website, promotional material, PR articles, SEO text and of course blogs. My problem is that I always have a specific message to convey, or a goal to achieve with whatever it is that I am writing which can easily lead to writers block.

So here I am, “free blogging”. Most of what I write is bound to be work related, small business challenges, building websites, search engine rankings and that sort of thing, but at least here there is no agenda. It’s just me, the keyboard, my blog and probably the one person on the planet who will ever read it, my sister. 🙂